Our 2022 Summer Mission Focus

We look forward to continuing our tradition of providing campers time to learn about different mission opportunities as well as the opportunity to give to these missions.  This year, campers will learn about Missions of Hope International's newly formed Angaza Camp in Africa. The Angaza Discovery Camp, is a new two-week church camp experience, existing to provide an experiential opportunity with Jesus that leads students to a lifetime commitment to live in alignment with God, others, themselves, and creation.

We will also highlight  the important work being done by Proem Ministries in Poland. A huge part of Proem Ministries is camp.  However, in light of recent events, they have been called to minister to Ukrainian refugees as they seek safety across their border. Proem's camp has now become more of a distribution hub for humanitarian aid and temporary housing for those fleeing from Ukraine.  We are so happy to add this ministry to our mission focus this summer.

Campers will have the opportunity to learn about camp ministry and discuss planned as well as sacrificial giving and the joy found in living a giving life.

As always, donations can be made during registration or by sending a special gift to camp.  Lastly, families may donate remaining balances left on canteen accounts.  Leftover balances will automatically be rolled to missions if a refund is not requested at the end of the camp session.

The BRCC family is generous and we look forward to sharing with these two special camp ministries.