Who We Are

Blue Ridge Christian Camp, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is supported by the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches of SW Virginia & North Carolina.  We are active members of the Christian Camp & Conference Association.  

  • Our Mission

    Blue Ridge Christian Camp is committed to serving campers, families, ministries, and our community by providing a unique space and opportunities for rest, recreation, and relationships that encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Statement of Faith

    There is one God existing in three forms, the Father, the  Son, and the Holy Spirit who is the creator and sustainer of the universe.

    The Bible is the Holy inspired and inerrant word of God

    Jesus is God's one and only son, who lived a sinless life yet took on our sins, died on the cross, and conquered death when he rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will come again.

    Forgiveness of our sins and salvation are for all who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, repent of their sins, profess their faith, and are baptized.  Our salvation is by grace through faith, not by works.

  • Our People

    David and Jessica Breeden have been volunteering at  Blue Ridge Christian Camp since they were in high school.  Before that time, Jessica volunteered as a Junior Counselor. When they married and their own children became campers they began spending family vacations serving at BRCC.   Before moving to camp, the Breedens were active in ministry at New Hope Christian Church, Roanoke where David served as an elder and Jessica was active in the Children's and Women's Ministries. David began his role as Camp Manager in 2016.   Jessica serves as Office Manager and their children Jack (21) and Zoe (18) can be found all over BRCC lending a hand where needed.  The Breedens are members of Belmont Christian Church, where Jack serves as a Youth Ministry Associate.   They love living and serving at the camp year round, but their favorite season is Camp Season when the rest of the dedicated staff returns, camp is full, and their days are spent seeing campers having fun and growing in their faith.  They count their greatest blessing as being able to be a part of the mission and ministry that is BRCC. 

    Lego the Loyal Pup can be found at the camp house napping under his younger brother, #lincolndog, or under his hashtag, #legotheloyalpup.

  • Our Values

    Creating a sanctuary for worship and discipleship

    Cultivating Kingdom Workers

    Connecting families to their local church for support & growth

    Providing support and resources to ministry leaders

  • Our Mission & Ministry Partners

    Blue Ridge Christian Camp is staffed and supported by many area churches in  the New River and Roanoke Valleys and surrounding areas.  The majority of our campers come from Virginia and North Carolina.  Regardless of where our campers are from we believe in the importance of a local faith community and are committed to helping campers and their families connect to a local body of believers. We also believe in providing opportunities for our campers and families to partner with missions. If you would like to connect with any of our ministry partners, whether it be to find a church home or a campus ministry or to learn more about our previously highlighted missions, please reach out to us at officebrcc@gmail.com.

  • BRCC is a proud member of CCCA

    CCCA exists to maximize ministry for member camps and conference centers.

    CCCA uniquely stands on the following core values. We are:

    • Biblically based – Unified by basics of the historical Christian faith, respecting distinctives.
    • Ministry driven – Motivated to serve the Christian camping movement and the individuals who are engaged in this ministry.
    • Member focused – Meeting specific professional needs of members to help them maximize their ministry.
    • Relationally connected – Ensuring opportunities for members to connect with one another professionally and personally.